Cleaning&Testing System For Filter and Spinneret


  • Steam Hydrolysis Cleaning System

    Cleaning Objects:Filter of PET、PA、PBT、R-PET it used for cleaning the polyester, Polymers in the filtration core has fast hydrolysis under high temperature water vapour.

  • Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Device

    Cleaning Objects:Filter of PET,PBT,PA,R-PET,Spin-pack of PSF As well as larger circular workpiece it is designed specially for cleaning polymers from a variety of metal components.

  • High Pressure Washer

    Cleaning Objects: Candle Filter it is used to remove TiO2 and alkali remaining in the filter. System according to the procedures set automatically cleaning filter, the internal washing nozzle is inserted into the filter for cleaning.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Device For Filter

    Cleaning Objects: Filter of PET, PBT, PA, R-PET, Particularly suitable for high filter precision filter.The rotating candle filters are clamped by double thimble bearing.
    It is sure to 360 degree operation with no dead...

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Device For Spinneret

    Cleaning Objects:a. Polyester Super Microfilaments spinneret ,Shaped spinneret,Composite spinning spinneret.b. Number of holes in the 144,288 or more filament spinneret.c. Diameter of spinneret...

  • Automatic Spinneret Inspection System

    Inspection Objects: Spinnerette .Automatic Spinnerette Inspection System, we has adopted the most advanced optical image processing techniques, applied sophisticated semiconductor optical equipment in combination...


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